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General Remodeling

Home Remodeling: Whether you are thinking of a complete remodeling or want to remodel just a part of your house, you can rely on Thoor Construction Service Group INC. We collaborate, we design, we build. We take your unique vision and make it a reality. And we do it with honesty!

We do our best to meet varying demands of clients with our professional Home Remodeling consultant team and our design department. Thoor Construction Service Group INC is committed to customer service with a full team available for every aspect of your project.

The objective at this point is that you enjoy your home, you and your whole

family. Perhaps these are changes that in principle you do not see as urgent or

strictly necessary, but they will contribute to the well-being of the home.

talented individuals


We will professionally manage every detail to your specifications while designing and remodeling your home. After completion of work, we leave a safe, durable and beautiful exterior for you and your family to enjoy. To date, we have received high appreciation from our clients. We are always present to help them work on their goals, expectations, wish lists, ideas and concepts; ensuring our clients receive the best outcome posible.

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Electrical Engineering

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We are a company made up of a large number of expert professionals in the construction area, which are highly qualified to provide you a solution for your personal project in an efficient and responsible way in a timely manner.

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